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The Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation

Announces the

2021 Grassy Hill New Folk

Songwriting Competition Finalists

(in alpha order by first name)

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Out of nearly 700 entries, 24 songwriters have been selected as Finalists.

These 24 Finalists will perform in Kerrville's Grassy Hill New Folk Competition Finalist Concerts on

Saturday May 22nd at 7p.m. Central   &   Sunday May 23rd at 7p.m. Central

Alexa Rose

Asheville, NC


Andy Sydow

Denver, CO


Beth // James

Austin, TX


Brad Yoder

Pittsburg, PA



Baton Rouge, LA


Dan Weber

Richardson, TX

Donal Hinely

Denton, TX



Minneapolis, MN

Jeremy Parsons

San Antonio, TX


Kennedy Road

Toronto, ON, Canada


Kyle Rasche

(Chain of Lakes)

Oak Park, MI


Lacy Green

Nashville, TN

My One And Only

Nashville, TN


Paul Demer

Dallas, TX


Rachel Sumner

Winchester, MA


Randy Lewis Brown

Mineola, TX


Sam Luke Chase

Marshfield, MA

Sam Robbins

Nashville, TN

Sav Buist

Traverse City, MI


Scott Cook

Edmonton, AB, Canada


Shawn Byrne

Nashville, TN


Spencer LaJoye

Denver, CO


Taylor Abrahamse

Toronto, ON, Canada


Tiffany Williams

Nashville, TN

   Saturday May 29th, during the KFF 2021 Virtual Celebration, the six New Folk Award Winners will be announced. In addition to $650 cash and other prizes, the six 2021 Winners are invited to play a New Folk Award Winners Concert (in-person) on the first weekend of the 49th Annual Kerrville Folk Festival, Oct. 1-10, 2021.

If you have questions, contact us at (830) 257-3600 or email 



Entries are welcome from a diverse array of subgenres including, but not limited to Appalachian, Americana, Blues, Bluegrass, Celtic, Cajun, Country, Global Roots, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Old-Time, Zydeco, or various fusions as long as the songs are original compositions of the artist making the submission.

The Kerrville Folk Festival Foundation and the Community who attends our Festivals value diversity, equity, and inclusion.  We strive for gender parity and actively welcome participation from individuals of all cultures, races and religions.