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KFF Foundation Event Booking

Although uncommon to be booked solely through direct request, you may send professional inquiries and EPK materials to Please understand that there are too many booking requests to respond to every email; please do not expect a reply.

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There are many ways to get noticed by the people who participate in the booking process for KFF Foundation events. If you are genuinely interested in performing at the Kerrville Folk Festival or other KFF Foundation events, please read the information below. 


One of the best ways to shine at Kerrville is to become a Finalist in the annual New Folk Competition. Kerrville's Grassy Hill New Folk Competition for Emerging Songwriters is held annually from mid-January to mid-March and invites 24 Finalists to compete at the 18-day Kerrville Folk Festival for 6 winners spots.  More information can be found on Kerrville's New Folk page.

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Another way to inspire those involved in the booking process at Kerrville is to get involved with Folk Alliance International (FAI) and its regional affiliates. FAI is an international arts non-profit organization passionately dedicated to supporting the global folk community in a myriad of forms. They hold an annual conference that brings together folk artists, talent buyers and music appreciators from around the world. In North America, they have 5 regional affiliates who hold their own annual conferences throughout the year and provide great opportunities to meet talent buyers and folk community in the region. The 5 regions include the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA), Southeast Regional Folk Alliance (SERFA), Northeast Regional Folk Alliance (NERFA), Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) and Folk Alliance Region West (FAR-West).  The Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference is typically held in late-September in Austin, TX and often well-attended by Kerrville folk including those who participate in the booking of Kerrville Folk Festival and other KFF Foundation events. 


Another great way to be enjoyed and noticed by folks who help book music for KFF Foundation events is to attend our events!  There are ample opportunities to be seen and heard at KFFF events including campfire jams, open mics, Ballad Tree Song Sharing, Volunteer Staff Concert, and Kerrtry Courtyard performances. A plethora of "home-grown" musicians have been booked on KFF stages as a result of being popular with our community. Come play with us!

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