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   When we are not having a Festival, Quiet Valley Ranch is primarily shut down, meaning utility service is shut off to most parts of the ranch, and buildings are locked and off-limits to visitors. Most of the restroom facilities are also shut down. When Festival family want to visit someone working or living on the ranch, please touch base in advance with who you intend to see. If you are coming to offer work in preparation for a Festival, or feel the need to just visit the ranch, you are required to check in with the Festival Office beforehand. The ranch is private property and must be respected as such.

    Although we are not a campground open to the general public, upon request we do allow festival patrons to camp on the Ranch during the off-season. If you are interested in an overnight stay, please make arrangements no less than 24 hours in advance through the Festival Office and no later than noon on Friday if you are looking to stay over the weekend. 

  Tent and car camping on the Ranch is $10/person/night and electricity is extra. A basic electric outlet is $10 per night and includes access to water. The 30amp outlets throughout the campground or in Meadow RV spaces are $35/night and include water (no sewer). Full service RV hookups are $40/night and include water, sewer and electric.  All overnight stays must be arranged and paid in advance and are subject to approval from the Festival Office.

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