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Ranch Visits / Policy

During the “off-season” (when we are not having a Festival) Quiet Valley Ranch is shut down, meaning utility service is shut off to most parts of the ranch, and buildings are locked and off limits to visitors. Most of the restroom facilities are also shut down. When Festival Family members come to see someone working or living on the ranch, it is always a good idea to touch base in advance with who you need to see. If you are coming to do work in preparation for a Festival, or you feel the need to just see the ranch, then you are required to check in with the Festival Office beforehand. The ranch is private property and must be respected as such.

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If you store an RV on the ranch and are coming to do work on your RV, please make arrangements no less than 24 hours in advance through the Festival Office. If you are coming on a weekend, please make your arrangements through the Festival Office no later than noon on Friday. If your plans include an overnight stay, we charge $15 per night and we may need to turn utilities on and off for you.


Any overnight stays must be arranged and paid in advance and are subject to approval from the Festival Office.


As COVID remains a threat and we get closer to the time many of our Festival Family members would normally be planning to come to the ranch, we want to be sure everyone knows the additional protocols in place regarding Quiet Valley Ranch access.  

To assure the safety of those who live and work on the ranch, Quiet Valley Ranch is closed for any drop-by visits until further notice.  Only visitors who have made arrangements in advance, and those arrangements are approved by the Executive Director, may come beyond the ranch gates.  Minimally, to receive approval to come onto the ranch, visitors will need to state they are free of any COVID symptoms, be willing to prove they are not running a temperature, agree to wear a protective mask and protective  gloves upon request, and bring /use hand sanitizer before and after touching any hard surfaces on the ranch.  All KFFF employees / ranch residents are required to maintain a minimum of 6 feet “social distance” from one another, and visitors are expected to follow this protocol as well.

Overnight stays are strongly discouraged and are subject to prior approval from the Executive Director.  

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