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Camping on the Ranch is the best way to experience the magic of the Kerrville Music Festivals. Some of the best music can be heard in the campgrounds 24-hours-a-day. There are 20 acres of scenic Hill Country campgrounds within walking distance of our outdoor theaters, vendors, and Chapel Hill. We invite both tent and RV campers.

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General Camp Info


Campground access is included with every festival ticket. You will be issued a festival wristband at the Ticket Booth and must be wearing a valid festival wristband in order to enter ANY festival or ranch gate during the Festival.


Folks holding tickets to the first weekend of the Kerrville Folk Festival, may arrive in advance of the first Festival day. More info is available here: Land Rush - Resettlement Day Information


NO PETS* are allowed on the Ranch during the festival. 

NO DRUMS are allowed during the festival.
NO STEREOS OR RECORDED MUSIC are allowed to be played in the campgrounds.
NO TOLERANCE for sexual misconduct or harassment.

Click here for a complete list of KFF CAMPGROUND RULES.

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*Service Animals - Trained, certified "Service Animals" as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed. However, "Emotional Support" animals ARE NOT covered under the ADA and therefore WILL NOT be allowed.


Every day a variety of food and beverages are available from vendors in the Kerrtry and Threadgill Theater areas of the campground, with additional food & beverage options available at Kennedy Outdoor Theater during performances. NO BOTTLES, CANS, OR ICE CHESTS are allowed in Kennedy Outdoor Theater (please support our vendors!), but are permitted in the campgrounds.  Campers bring anything from the bare minimum to elaborate cooking gear. Ice is available for purchase in the campground at the Kerrtry Store. 

In an effort to reduce waste, no disposable cups are provided. You may bring your own cup, or purchase a souvenir cup from the Kerrtry Store, any merchandise booth or most food and beverage booths in the campground. 


Showers and toilets are available throughout the campground. Potable water on the ranch is provided by Aqua (treated and approved by the County Health Department). There are several free-standing water spigots available on a first-come first-served basis. Water is free, but if you wish to leave a hose connected to a spigot, please provide a hose-splitter with an open spigot so that others may access the water. Although many campers bring their own drinking water, filtered drinking water stations are available in the campground.


The purchase of an Electric Permit is required for electricity access. Electric Permits are available on a first-come first-served basis at the Electric Permit Station near the "Kerrossroads" in the campground. Electricity is available throughout the campground, but there are a limited number of electrical plug-ins that will accommodate air conditioners (usually 1-4 outlets per riser). Upon arrival, ask the Electric Permit Crew about A/C availability. Electricity permits run $6-$18 per day (depending on A/C). Discounts are available for Volunteers. 


Open fires should be within fire rings, bbq grills or outdoor type fireplaces. LARGE BONFIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED! Fires are not allowed during periods of excessive drought or when Kerr County has issued a county wide burn ban. During a burn ban, only charcoal fires in bbq grills are allowed.

Gathering firewood on the property is not permitted.  A limited amount of firewood is available near the campground showers. If you think you need a lot of wood, please bring your own. Do not burn fires under trees, branches or next to wooden structures. Fires MUST be attended at all times and must be completely extinguished before retiring for the night or leaving the campsite. Please share fires when possible, it's more fun that way anyway.

As an extra safety precaution, the Foundation supplies (red) water buckets and burlap just outside the main campground showers for use next to campfires. When a burn ban is not in effect, please collect a red bucket, fill it with water and soak the burlap in an area near your campfire. Should a spark land outside the fire ring use said burlap to snuff it out.

If you need to find out about a burn ban before arriving at the ranch, please follow this link (Quiet Valley Ranch is in precinct 1) or call the office at 830-257-3600.

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Tent Camping


The campground is somewhat primitive (as compared to a state park) but is pleasurable if you are prepared. Reservations are not needed for tent camping. Simply set up anywhere in the campground you find an inviting space and feel comfortable.  It can get a little “cozy” in the Campground on the weekends, but Quiet Valley Ranch is one of the easiest places in the world to make new friends. Simply respect each other and you will be in for the time of your life!

This is fairly rugged Hill Country terrain so dress comfortably. Shorts, t-shirts, a hat, and outdoor shoes usually do the trick. Be prepared for rain! Afternoon thundershowers are not uncommon. Some good rain gear, both for your camp site and for your body can make a big difference!

We suggest you bring a shade canopy including the resources to secure it safely to the ground. The wind can pick up at times, please stake and tie down everything. 

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Flying to Kerrville Folk Festival?  Want to camp in style without the heavy lifting? Avoid the hassle of setting up and taking down a KFF camp by arriving to a fully furnished tent complete with bedding, lights, chairs and a cooler!

KFF Foundation is happy to offer hassle-free tent rental and “glamping” opportunities through Habitat Camping Rentals Habitat Camping Rentals offers quality tent and camping equipment rentals to the Austin area and Texas Hill Country.  They otherwise offer pick-up/drop-off options for rental equipment, but our special Kerrville Folk Festival partnership options include a customized pitched camp in the festival campground, so you can simply show up and start enjoying the festivities! 

They offer glamping yurt or hassle-free tent options with a variety of bed arrangements to fit any group. All options come with fresh bedding, full size pillows, a battery powered lantern, two folding chairs, and a 12 gallon cooler. Yurt glamping options include electricity, rugs, framed beds and more!  

Hassle-free tent rental and yurt rental options are in addition to admission ticket to the Kerrville Folk Festival. You must have KFF admission in order to enter the campground and may optionally and separately rent hassle-free tents and glamping yurts. 

Glamping Yurts

With the glamping yurt option, you will arrive to a grand 16' diameter canvas yurt (bell tent) with decorative rugs, pillows and lighting.  The package includes a powered nightstand with USB ports, and mirror. Also included are a lantern, two folding chairs and a 12gal. cooler. You can choose from one or two queen platform beds with an 8″ thick memory foam mattress, or up to six deluxe cots (30″ x 80″ with 12″ ground clearance). Click here for details & pricing.

Hassle-Free Tents

With the hassle-free tent option, you will arrive to a 10'x14' tent with tarp floor, rain/shade fly and over 6' of clearance. Included are a lantern, two folding chairs and a 12gal. cooler.  Inside you can choose from one queen size air mattress (75″ x 60″ and 18″ high) or up to four deluxe cots (30″ x 80″ with 12″ ground clearance). Click here for details & pricing.

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RV Sites


There are 108 RV sites at Quiet Valley Ranch (58 sites offer full hook-ups, 50 sites have water/elec only, no sewer). Advance reservations and restrictions apply; typically there is a waiting list for these sites for the Festival.


Click here for the detailed RV Information Page



Festival tickets include free vehicle parking in the general A-Lot & B-Lot parking areas on either side of Hwy 16. Kerrtesy Carts provide folks transportation to/from/between the A-Lot parking lot and various areas around the campground. There is a Kerrtesy Cart sheltered transportation "bus stop" in the middle of the main A-Lot parking area, from which patrons may choose to call Ranch Central for mobility assistance with a Kerrtesy Cart. The phone number for mobility assistance is posted throughout Quiet Valley Ranch. 


Unloading/Loading in the Campground

To unload/load a vehicle in the campground, a $40 cash or card refundable deposit must be used to obtain a temporary unloading permit at the campground entrance (known as Mix Master). The $40 unloading permit is refundable provided the vehicle is driven out of the campground within two hours. Unloading/loading permits are non-refundable after two hours. 

Parking Vehicles & Trailers in the Campground
In order to have as much room for tents as possible, we discourage vehicles parking in the Campground. Campground Parking Permits are available at the main Ticket Booth for any length of campground stay and cost $40 per day. Campground Parking Permits not include electricity.

Folks who intend to use a vehicle or trailer (or anything with an axle) as their campsite (sleeping in an RV, trailer, pop-up, van, or truck with camper shell, etc.) must purchase a
Sleeper Vehicle Permit at the campground entrance station (known as Mix Master).  A Sleeper Vehicle Permit is a flat rate of $40 or $50 and remains valid as long as the vehicle stays stationary in the campground. If the vehicle or trailer leaves the campground, an additional Sleeper Vehicle Permit will be required for EACH campground re-entry. Sleeper Vehicle Permits are $40 for axled rigs less than 18', and $50 for axled rigs longer than 18'. Sleeper Vehicle Permits do not include electricity.



Folks with tickets to the first weekend of the Kerrville Folk Festival may arrive and set up camp in advance of the first festival day. Details are available here: 

Land Rush - Resettlement Day Information

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