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Aaron Smith

Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Harrison, AR

Aaron Smith’s songs explore the mystery of human experience, searching for the meaning of love, family, heritage, kindness, doubt, and grace. In vignettes infused with an infectious sense of hope and humor, the unlikely heroes of his songs -- grandmothers and grandfathers, street preachers and neighbors, the forgotten and lonely -- find courage, salvation, and more than a few laughs.

Influenced as much by Flannery O’Connor as John Prine and John Hartford his songs range from witty jazz to pensive, emotive ballads, to southern roots grooves. Timeless, singable melodies and strong rhythms support Smith’s thoughtful lyrics.

Smith became a Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Finalist in 2016 on just his second try. In 2019, just three years later, he became a winner at New Folk and the BMG Songwriter Showcase at the Power of Music Festival.

The Legend of Sam Davis, a coffee-table compendium of songs, stories, artwork, maps, and family photos telling stories and legends of Newton County Arkansas, is the second and final album from Aaron Davis and the Coal Biters. In 2013, Aaron met percussionist and vocalist Ryan Gentry, and a year later older multi-instrumentalist George Holcomb joined them to complete the group. Aaron Smith and the Coal Biters released their debut album, The Way the World Turns, in 2015. The death of Holcomb at age 76 brought the trio to an end.

Smith already has a backlog of songs for the next album. He is writing a lot of jazz lately and narrative fiction, looking for metaphors in science and the natural world.

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