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Barbara Jarrell

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

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Shreveport, LA

Barbara Jarrell is a Louisiana native whose first career was music. For years her musical adventures took her all through the south, southwest and west coast of the U.S. In those days even as a predominantly cover artist she found herself on the radio and on the cover of the L.A. Reader and the Foothill Musician magazines. She began writing more originals in the late 90s and has been following that star ever since. Her second career as a Unitarian Universalist minister took her off the performing circuit but added new fodder for her songwriting and musical work—trying to see things from all sides. Many of her songs reflect the notions of inclusion and journeying toward healing, wholeness and deeper understanding. She writes in a broad variety of styles on multiple instruments, sometimes deeply personal, sometimes funny, always engaging.

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