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Flagship Romance

Sunday, June 4, 2023

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Truth or Consequences, NM

   Flagship Romance: married singers-songwriters + best friends, shawn fisher & jordyn jackson.

   Based in truth or consequences, new mexico, flagship romance is currently prepping their just-announced most ambitious project, yet: a self-titled double album.

   While their core sound centers around their impeccable vocal blend and anchored by masterful acoustic guitar playing, flagship romance considers themselves a genre-fluid music duo, their critically-acclaimed studio albums criss-crossing the sonic realms of folk, pop, rock, jazz, & edm. their songs are filled with sticky melodies, incendiary vocals, and lyrics that perfectly balance raw honesty & universal accessibility.

   Known throughout the singer-songwriter realm for their rigorous touring schedule, flagship romance pounds the pavement, routing self-booked tours that take them back & forth across north america upwards of 8 months a year. their success and rapidly growing fanbase are a result of a perfectly executed recipe of clever, skilled songwriting, a chemistry-filled live show, and a remarkable dedication to keep an open forum of dialogue between artist & listener via social media.

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