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Hanne Kah

Saturday, June 1, 2024

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Diez an der Lahn, Germany

Who sounds American, sings folk songs about coming out, love, society, and family, is female, and reminds you of great voices like Joni Mitchell or Dolly Parton? Certainly not a German artist! But what if she is? What if there's a scene that has already arrived everywhere but is just awakening in Germany? And what if this scene has already found its voice? That's when we talk about KAH!

KAH stands for independence, celebrates her love for music, and packages longing and freedom into melodies, feelings, and thoughts in sounds and messages, and views in songs that come from the soul and go to the heart, no matter from which perspective you look at them.

KAH is much more than just a singer. She is a storyteller, an artist.

Independence is central to KAH. As a singer-songwriter and music producer, she has retained creative control over her music. Her songs are marked by authenticity and personal experience. This is reflected in her lyrics and melodies, which tell stories from life and allow listeners to connect with their own experiences.

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