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Mary Bragg

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Songwriting School May 27 - 30

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Nashville, TN

"Americana Queen" (Vice Noisey) Mary Bragg has been heralded by Rolling Stone and NPR for her “gorgeously crafted and executed songs.” Nashville-based and originally from Swainsboro, Georgia, the singer-songwriter-engineer-producer has produced albums for Grace Pettis, Helena Hallberg, Stephanie Sammons, The Accidentals, Natalie Price, Jackson Emmer, Sharon Perl, and Alicia Stockman, among others, in addition to her own recent albums.

Praised by the World Café for her “refined, sumptuously melancholy take on Southern storytelling,” Bragg’s been exploring love and its complications for much of her career now, wrestling with longing, desire, heartbreak, and insecurity across a string of widely lauded albums. NPR dubbed her breakout 2017 release, Lucky Strike, one of the year’s best, while her 2019 follow-up, Violets as Camouflage, earned similar raves, with the Nashville Scene calling it “magnificent” and Rolling Stone hailing its mix of “classic country twang and “gentle chamber-pop.”

In addition to touring extensively across the US, Canada, and Europe, Bragg is an adjunct Assistant Professor at the Berklee College of Music, in the program where she recently completed her master’s degree in songwriting and production.

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