Are you missing your KFF family & friends? A myriad of KFF Family have contributed over 50 activity, art & coloring pages to help create this unique glossy-cover, wire-bound book, with conveniently designed single-sided pages, so pages can be removed & displayed without forfeiting the fun on the back. It includes coloring pages of several KFF characters we know & love, along with fun coloring activities like a Land Rush Car Maze, Kerrossword Puzzle, Valkerrtines Word Search and more!!  We do hope to produce additional volumes in future years, so if you want the whole collection, now is the time to get Vol.1!!

  With this gift, you’ll also receive a KFF Bumper Sticker, which makes a great bookmark! These are the last of the blue ones folks… it will be at least another 10 years before we see the blue KFF in “bumper size” again...

🌈Ranch Brown, And Other Colors: A KFF Activity & Coloring Book👩‍🎤

  • 60+ pages; wire-bound; color glossy front and back cover.

    Each of the single-sided pages have original art & unique activities on the front side and artist/creator information on the back, which allows each page to be removed for sharing, framing or hanging on the fridge, without sacrificing any coloring & activity opportunities on the back.

  • We really wish we didn't have to charge shipping, but it adds up quickly and the good news is, the cheapest way to ship this gift package is USPS Priority 2-Day Envelope for $7.75, which means you'll get it REALLY soon!