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Are you missing your KFF family & friends? A myriad of KFF Family have contributed over 50 activity, art & coloring pages to help create this unique glossy-cover, wire-bound book.  With conveniently designed single-sided graphics, each page can be removed & displayed without forfeiting an image on the back. It includes coloring pages of several KFF characters we know & love, along with fun coloring activities like a Land Rush Car Maze, Kerrossword Puzzle, Valkerrtines Word Search and more!


  • 60+ pages; wire-bound; color glossy front and back cover.

    Each of the single-sided pages have original art & unique activities on the front side and artist/creator information on the back, which allows each page to be removed for sharing, framing or hanging on the fridge, without sacrificing any coloring & activity opportunities on the back.

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