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The Weary Boys

Saturday, June 8, 2024

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Austin, TX

The Weary Boys arrived in Austin in 2000 from Northern California, desperate to live a life playing music. The original trio consisting of Brian Salvi, Darren Hoff, and Mario Matteoli embraced the diverse music scene donning cowboy boots and ripped up jeans and began to gain notoriety playing street corners until they made their way to local clubs, dive bars, and eventually headlining Austin institutions like The Continental Club.

Now, a little bit older and wiser The Weary Boys are reuniting for a show at Hole In The Wall’s week-long 45th-anniversary celebration paying respects to the venue they played their first shows at.

Although all of the Weary Boys front their own projects now, they’re hoping to keep teaming up in the future, and are even planning to record a live album later this year. One thing’s for sure, The Weary Boys are keeping outlaw country alive in Austin, TX.

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