Cheryl Elms

Cheryl Elms has been a sheepskin hat and exotic dress maker for over thirty years. Cheryl is happiest when she's creating and she is always creating. She is a thinker, a planner, a dreamer and a doer. She is well known for her warm sheepskin hats and custom designer t-shirts, but she also offers sheepskin ear and hand muffs!  Cheryl’s extraordinary talents lie in her unique wearables, dresses and vests. Fun and elegant at the same time, they are woven of various materials, from deer skin to plastic strips and wire. Cheryl has become a true Texas name in elegance and design. Her work has been featured in many publications including Ornament Magazine and the cover of Austin Monthly. Her sculptures tend to lean to the whimsical side of abstract and have been shown in fine art galleries everywhere.

Cheryl's husband Rick invited friend Johno Schroeder to play guitar for this video insight that features Cheryl's precision in her wall art process.