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Cheryl Elms

 ​   I'm a multimedia artist who is best known for her handstitched, woven and crocheted sheepskin hats ,handprinted art shirts and enameled jewelry. I'm so excited to say that my hand braided leather and ribbon outfits have been seen on the cover of Austin Monthly ,in Ornament Magazine and at fashion events around the country and at the Texas Renaissance Fair, and the Armadillo Christmas Bazaar . For over 10 years I listened to great music at the Kerrville Main Stage while showing my creations at the Kerrville Craft Village.  Great Camps!!!!  Wonderful, quirky like-minded creative folks! An amazing collection of stories to tell in song. Up all nite!!

     I live near Wimberley with my storytelling husband, Ricky Charles Dodson. We're both artists and sometimes we get big ideas. The biggest one that we collaborated on was a 24'x24'x18' concrete, fog breathing Dragon Cave at a renaissance fair. It was a walkthrough with glass, sculptures, magic mirrors, lights, sounds, experiences We continue to team up on smaller projects.
    Virtual hugs go out to the fabulous Jeska Bailey and Guy Forsyth for donating their distant smiling faces and the great photo shoot of my sheepskin hats and printed t-shirts.

    Those two are a hoot. And they sing and play music pretty good too. Jeska and I have a few ideas for collaborating someday.  Stay tuned!

cheryl 2.jpg

Cheryl's husband Rick invited friend Johno Schroeder to play guitar for this video insight that features Cheryl's precision in her wall art process. 

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