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Sunday Afternoon

Science Presentations

Eclipsing the Ordinary: Unveiling the

Solar Corona's Hidden Secrets

Threadgill Theater

Sunday April 7     2:30 pm - 3:30 pm


Embark on a scientific odyssey with Drs. Benjamin Boe and Martina Arndt, members of the Solar Wind Sherpas team, as we venture into the enigmatic realm of the solar corona. We will showcase recent groundbreaking research, employing photometric and spectroscopic analyses of scientific data collected during total solar eclipses to unravel the mysteries hidden within this elusive solar atmosphere. Discover how these celestial events serve as windows to the unseen, allowing us to study the intricate details of the solar corona.

Exploring and Safely Observing the

Celestial Wonder of Total Solar Eclipses

Threadgill Theater

Sunday April 7     1 pm - 2 pm


Join us on a cosmic adventure with Dr. Nicole Glen and Justin Glen as we explore the captivating phenomenon of a total solar eclipse. This talk, designed for all audiences ranging from elementary school students to adults, offers a guided tour through the celestial dance of the sun and moon. Discover what to expect during the eclipse and learn how to watch it safely, ensuring an awe-inspiring experience for everyone. With accessible explanations and engaging visuals, this talk invites you to witness the magic of totality!

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