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Elam Blackman

Saturday, October 14, 2023

elam blackman album cover.jpg

Vallejo, CA




  Elam Blackman is a gifted singer-songwriter firmly planted in the folk tradition, whose songs delight and touch the listener. Sometimes whimsical, sometimes melancholy, he invites his listeners to journey with him. His easy going manner and warm stage presence draw people in and establishes an easy rapport with his audience. Elam wanders off. He writes loose songs built around rhythm and words. They shift away from the template of choruses and bridges into a dreamwalk of drone image. Improvisation and stories find their way into each performance.

  Elam Blackman was born in the front yard. Red dirt roads. A cottonwood. His parents were/ may still be hippies. Some days nothing happens. Elam writes songs. Elam is shy at times and when he gets to know you he might tell a joke or two. 


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