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Miss Brown To You
(Mary Reynolds and Louise Goldberg)

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

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Oklahoma City, OK

   A folk ballad from the misty hills of Kentucky.  A sophisticated jazz standard, heard through a New York doorway.  Steamy blues from New Orleans, circa 1920.  A swinging two step at the dance hall, where Bob Wills is on the stand.  A samba igniting the hills of Rio de Janeiro.
   All from one musical duo, delivered with passion and humor and total commitment to the emotional power of the music they love.  Miss Brown to You refuses to be confined to one style, one period.  Instead they prefer to expand the horizon of every genre they play, even while upholding the traditions of the musicians that have inspired them in the past.  Louise Goldberg and Mary Reynolds are capable of an eclectic abandon that few other bands attempt, and they are looking for an audience that appreciates a broad palate of musical colors.
   “Mary’s vocals are an Austin legend.  Louise is a monster on the piano.  And together they can dance through genres and styles one after another all night: jazz, blues, folk, original, hell even opera if you request it.” Greg Johnson, The Blue Door
   "Miss Brown to You" is a beacon of light and wisdom, and they're so inspiring for women… For young women, to see these women who have put in the time with their writing and with their musicianship is really important. They're groundbreaking, and they're incredible. They're beautiful, and they're team players. And that is an incredible combination of such talented musicians.”  Jaimee Harris

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