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Possessed by Paul James

Sunday, October 9, 2022


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Kerrville, TX

  After 20 plus years working within the realms of special education & advocacy work, Konrad Wert known as the band Possessed by Paul James, finally finds himself performing & sharing his music full time since July of 2021. While raising a family in Texas & working a 50 hr work week within the classroom, Wert has still been able to release 5 full length albums, two of which topped Bluegrass Billboard charts in 2013 & 2020. Possessed by Paul James’s upcoming 6th album, titled Fighting For Our Own Survival & set to release this upcoming year, highlights life’s passage with such tracks as See You On Sunday; recorded live with WAF in Laramie, Wyoming & accompanied by Joe Macharet on fiddle.“See You On Sunday carries a lot of meaning for me, partly because the amount of family and friends we’ve lost both in 2020 and 2021, but also the reminder that we have no other choice but to carry-on when times to get heavy”, Wert shares.

  Fans of singer/songwriter and one man band Possessed By Paul James may be surprised to find out that playing music is not his only passion. Though he somehow finds the time to make appearances all over the US and Europe throughout the year, down in the Texas Hill Country he’s in charge of an elementary school special education classroom, teaching children with intellectual disabilities. And you may think that with juggling so many responsibilities between music and work that he wouldn't have the energy or the time to excel at either one. But Possessed by Paul James is not your average musician, or teacher. - Saving Country Music

  "whether percussively stomping on an old wooden box, sawing a dusty fiddle, picking a banjo, or yelping a song as his head bobs and weaves from a seated position, fans are never under the impression they are seeing and hearing something of this earthly realm. The mix of roots and emotional electricity at a Possessed by Paul James show is akin to a live electric socket missing its cover as stripped wires spark with flickers of enthralling danger..." - (PASTE Magazine)

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