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There are 92 RV sites at Quiet Valley Ranch available for rent during festivals. 57 of these sites are in the Main RV Section and offer water + electricity + sewer connections.  The Main RV Section is typically for larger Class A or Class C rigs and offers 30A service, with a limited number of sites offering 50A electric service. Sites in the Main RV Section are $48/night ($528 for 11 days).  The other 35 RV sites are in the Meadow Section (only for rigs 25' and under) and have water + 30A electricity connections. Meadow RV sites are $40/night ($440 for 11 days).  All sites offer an optional $10/day Tow Vehicle Permit that allows ONE vehicle to park in your site PROVIDED IT FITS WITHIN THE LINES OF YOUR SITE. Tow vehicles cannot block the roadway and will be subject to towing at the owner's expense if not properly parked.  Advance reservations are required for all RV sites. RV reservation fees DO NOT include festival tickets.  Festival tickets must already be purchased for each day of an RV reservation. 


Those who had an 18-day RV site reservation for the 2019 or 2020 Festival (that was canceled) have the first right of refusal to rent the same RV site during the 49th KFF.  To secure an RV reservation, a full-festival ticket must be purchased, and the RV site must be paid in full by August 15, 2021.

If by August 1st, there are RV sites available, 11-day RV reservations will open up to any 11-day Festival ticket holder on a first-come-first-served basis. Beginning September 1st, RV reservations for fewer than 11-days will be taken on a first-come-first-served basis. There is a 3-day minimum for any weekend reservations. Renters must have tickets for the requested dates.

NOTE: Once reservation payments are processed, NO REFUNDS will be given for any reason, even if you don’t show up or stay for the length of your reservation.


Sometimes patrons elect to go home early, leaving a site during the Festival. This means that there are sometimes last minute RV spots that become available for a period of days during the festival. If you would like to be placed on this stand-by waiting list, please call the office. We will give you a call if something opens up. (This could be right before or even during the festival.)


Please call the festival office at (830) 257-3600 for more information, reservations or to be put on a waiting list.



Any rig on wheels entering the campground (without a paid RV site reservation) is subject to a Sleeper Vehicle Permit.  Folks without a paid RV site, who intend to use a vehicle or trailer (or anything with an axle) as their campsite (RV, trailer, pop-up, van, or truck with camper shell, etc.) must purchase a Sleeper Vehicle Permit at the campground entrance station (Mix Master).  A Sleeper Vehicle Permit is a flat rate of $25 (regardless of the length of your stay and does not include electricity) and remains valid as long as the vehicle stays stationary in the campground. If the vehicle or trailer leaves the campground, an additional $25 Sleeper Vehicle Permit will be required for EACH re-entry.

NO GENERATORS in the campground. There are several areas throughout the campground that have access to 110V electrical outlets and a water spigot.  These areas are NOT RESERVABLE and are available on a first-come first-served basis.  A 50' (max) exterior extension cord may be used to run low amperage devices and appliances.  NO cord splitting or outlet sharing. Electric permits are required for all outlets, standard electric permit rates apply. All RVs must be within 50' of outlet.  In order to connect to a water spigot, a splitter must be provided so that everyone may access the water spigot. Water is free : )


The campground fills up quickly on the weekend, so large RVs without an RV site are encouraged to and may have to park across the street from the campground in the overflow parking lot.  There are no RV hookups in the overflow parking lot; rigs must be self-contained, but generators ARE allowed. RVs parked in the overflow lot require a single $25 Sleeper Vehicle Permit. Out of consideration for our neighbors, the overflow parking lot is considered a Quiet Area. RV spaces in the overflow parking lot are reservable, call the Festival Office for more information.

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