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Rod Kennedy once said that the Chapel Hill Services were the “heart of the Kerrville Folk Festival.”  They can be a place of worship and education. All services are designed to be inclusive and all of the ministers and rabbis are happy to talk to you about various worship traditions.  

Come and see!  Come and make a joyful noise! Come and Worship! 

Shabbat Services

Each Saturday, members of the Festival Jewish community and others who are curious gather for a unique Shabbat service at Chapel Hill. In addition to recitation of traditional Sabbath prayers and reading from the Torah scroll, participants are treated to music from Jewish artists on the ranch, abundant songbirds and the sounds of a reawakening campground.

Folk Song Services


Each Sunday, Folk Song Services are held on Chapel Hill. Rev. Charlie Sumners was one of the three original “Directors” of the festival. His “Folk Masses” were held on the Schreiner grounds even before KFF moved to Quiet Valley Ranch. Chapel Hill was selected and consecrated as a worship site that first year.  When KFF was expanded to 11 days, Rev. Walter Lee was asked to lead the second weekend services.  Recently departed, Rev. Sumners will continue with us in spirit always and Rev. Walter Lee will host the first Sunday's service in his honor. Co-founder of Celebration Circle in San Antonio, Rudi Harst has led worship on the third Sunday for more than a decade.  

5/25- Rabbi Neil Blumhofe

6/1  - Dr. David Goldblatt

6/8 - Rabbi Neal Katz

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