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The Kerrclipse Music Festival  will be held in the Quiet Valley Ranch campground with performances at Threadgill Memorial Theater and Kennedy Outdoor Theater. Campground access is included with every festival ticket. You will be issued a festival wristband at the main Ticket Booth and must be wearing a valid festival wristband in order to enter any festival or ranch gate during the Festival.


Folks with a Thursday Early Arrival ticket may show up as early as 10:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 4, 2024. Thursday Early Arrival tickets will become available at a later date for those who hold or purchase Foundation Membership Ticket.  Ticket Booth hours are:

Thursday:  10a.m. - 10p.m.

Friday - Sunday:  8a.m. - 12 midnight

Monday: 8a.m. - 12noon

NO PETS* are allowed on the Ranch during the festival. 

NO DRUMS are allowed during the festival.

NO STEREOS OR RECORDED MUSIC are allowed to be played in the campgrounds.

NO TOLERANCE for sexual misconduct or harassment.

Click here for a complete list of



*Service Animals - Trained, certified "Service Animals" as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act are allowed. However, "Emotional Support" animals ARE NOT covered under the ADA and therefore WILL NOT be allowed.

Unload & Park
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Kerrclipse Festival tickets do not include vehicle parking permits, so every vehicle on the property must have a general Parking Lot Permit or a Campground Parking/Sleeper Vehicle Permit.  Both are available on the Kerrclipse Ticket page.

To unload/load a vehicle in the campground and then park in the parking lot, a $100 credit card or cash deposit is required for a temporary Unloading Permit at the campground entrance station known as the Mix Master (station with the Welcome Sign). The $100 unloading permit is only available at MixMaster upon arrival and is 100% refundable provided your vehicle is driven out of the campground within two hours. Unloading/loading permits are non-refundable after two hours. 


 Festival tickets do not include vehicle parking permits, so every vehicle on the property must have a general Parking Lot Permit or a Campground Parking/Sleeper Vehicle Permit.  Both are available on the Kerrclipse Ticket page.

After optionally unloading in the campground (see paragraph above) anyone with a Parking Lot Permit may park a single vehicle OR trailer in A-lot or B-Lot parking areas. If you have a vehicle towing a trailer and both will be parking in any of the parking lots, you must purchase TWO Parking Lot Permits. (Parking Map coming soon!)


Parking inside the campground for more than 2 hrs. requires a Kerrclipse Campground Parking/Sleeper Vehicle PermitFolks without a reserved RV site, who would like to park any vehicle, RV or trailer (or any street legal rig with an axle including car, pop-up, van, truck with camper shell, travel trailer, etc.) must purchase a Campground Parking/Sleeper Vehicle Permit.  This will allow vehicles to be parked inside the campground for the whole weekend. (Motorcycles may instead purchase a Small Vehicle Permit - see next section).  Although you technically can come in and out of the campground gate with the Campground Parking/Sleeper Vehicle Permit, we discourage moving your vehicle or driving off the premises, as the local traffic will be exceptionally busy and you will likely lose your campground space.


Campground Parking/Sleeper Vehicle Permits can be purchased on the Kerrclipse Tickets page, or at the main Ticket Booth upon arrival, if there is still room in the campground. Campground Parking Permits permits for rigs under 18ft. are $160 for the weekend; rigs longer than 18' are $200 for the weekend.  There are no daily campground parking rates.

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Campground Parkin
Golf Cats


There will be two complimentary "Kerrtesy Carts" to help folks get to and from the parking lots and around the campground. Kerrtesy Carts will continuously pick up and drop off folks at convenient locations around the campground, but one of the carts will be designated a "Mobility Assistance Cart" that will help specific transportation needs from mobility-challenged folks who request it.  Those with mobility challenges who would like special assistance with golf cart transportation around the Ranch may call Ranch Central to make a cart pick-up request (830) 285-7563.


You are welcome to bring your own golf cart to the festival (electric carts are preferred due to noise). If you tow it on a separate trailer, you will need to also pay for a parking space for that trailer and for the cart to be in the campground, you will need to purchase  a small vehicle permit on the Kerrclipse Ticket Page.***


***New starting in 2024, all motorized small transport vehicles around the campground will require a small vehicle permit. This includes golf carts, mules, electric bikes, 4-wheelers, motorcycles, etc.  (If you are adding to the dust, we also need you to help mitigate it, which costs money.) Small Vehicle Permits are available for $40 on the Kerrclipse Tickets page. If you find yourself in need of a Small Vehicle Permit while onsite, they are available at the main Tickets Booth. 


Janice Francis-Smith

Tent Camping


​The campground is somewhat primitive (as compared to a state park) but is pleasurable if you are prepared. Reservations are not needed for tent camping. Simply set up anywhere in the campground you find an inviting space and feel comfortable.  Quiet Valley Ranch is one of the easiest places in the world to make new friends. Simply respect each other and you will be in for the time of your life!

This is fairly rugged Hill Country terrain so dress comfortably. Shorts, t-shirts, a h
at, and outdoor shoes usually do the trick. Early spring can still be cold at night. Be prepared for rain! Occasional thundershowers are common. Some good rain gear, both for your camp site and for your body can make a big difference!

We suggest you bring a shade canopy including the resources to secure it safely to the ground. The wind can pick up at times, please stake and tie down everything.



There are several areas throughout the campground that have access to 110V electrical outlets and a water spigot.  These hook-ups are NOT RESERVABLE and are available on a first-come first-served basis. 

Access to campground electricity is included with Kerrclipse Music Festival admission; reserved RV sites have a daily fee. 

Extension cords of 50' max may be used to run low amperage devices and appliances.  NO cord splitting or outlet sharing.  Users must be within 50' of the outlet they are plugged into. Air conditioners may only be used with the very limited high-amperage outlets. 


In order to connect to a water spigot, a splitter must be provided so that everyone may access the water.  Potable water on the ranch is provided by Aqua (treated and approved by the County Health Department). Although many campers bring their own drinking water, filtered water spigots are located by the Threadgill bathrooms, at the Kerrtry Store, and at Ranch Central near the main gate.

​Toilets and hand-washing facilities are available throughout the campground. Complimentary hot water showers are located centrally in the campground. There are a very limited number of flushing toilets and private showers available near Threadgill Theater, behind the Kennedy Pavilion and in the backstage area of Kennedy Theater.

Water & Electricy



**Hassle-free tent rentals are sold out.

Yurt Glamping is very limited,

last chance to reserve.** 


Flying to Kerrclipse?  Want to camp in style without the heavy lifting?  Avoid the hassle of setting up and taking down a Kerrclipse camp by arriving to a fully furnished tent complete with bedding, lights, chairs and a cooler!

Hassle-free tent rental and yurt rental is addition to a Kerrclipse Festival ticket. You must have a ticket for Kerrclipse in order to get into the campground. You may optionally and separately purchase hassle-free tent and yurt rentals. 


KFF Foundation is happy to offer hassle-free tent rental and “glamping” opportunities through our new partner Habitat Camping Rentals Habitat Camping Rentals offers quality tent and camping equipment rentals to the Austin area and Texas Hill Country.  They otherwise offer pick-up/drop-off  options for rental equipment, but our special Kerrclipse partnership options include a customized pitched camp in a dedicated "glamping village" area of the property so you can simply show up and start enjoying the festivities! 


They offer two types of Kerrclipse tent & yurt options with a variety of bed arrangements to fit any group. All options come with fresh bedding, full size pillows, a battery powered lantern, two folding chairs, and a 12 gallon cooler. All options include basic electric plug-ins for lights, phone charging, CPAPs, etc. Yurt glamping options include framed beds, lava lamps & rugs!  A volunteer glamping liaison will be available throughout the festival, should additional support be requested.  

Glamping Package

With the glamping package option you will arrive to a luxurious 16' diameter canvas yurt (bell tent) with decorative rugs, pillows and lighting.  The package includes a powered nightstand with USB ports, and mirror. Also included are a lantern, two folding chairs and a 12gal. cooler. You can choose from one or two queen platform beds with an 8″ thick memory foam mattress, or up to six deluxe cots (30″ x 80″ with 12″ ground clearance). Click here for details & pricing.

Tent w queen bed.png
RV Sites


Advance reservations are required for all RV sites. RV site reservation fees DO NOT include festival tickets


There are 91 RV sites at Quiet Valley Ranch available for rent during festivals. 58 of these sites are in the Main RV Section and offer water + electricity + sewer connections.  The Main RV area is typically for larger Class A or Class C rigs and offers 30A service, with a limited number of sites offering 50A electric service.  The other 33 RV sites are in the Meadow RV area (for shorter rigs, mostly 25' and under) and have water + 30A electricity connections. Wastewater tank pump-out service is available for $100/pump; sign up & pay onsite at the Festival Office. 

If your Kerrclipse ticket includes Friday entry (Foundation Member tickets), your RV reservation automatically includes Friday night's stay. If your Kerrclipse ticket does not include Friday (Non-Foundation Member tickets), then your RV reservation does not include Friday and is good for Saturday - Monday nights. (Learn more about being a Foundation Member.)


Main RV Section  for Friday - Monday nights is $500.  

Meadow RV Section for Friday - Monday nights is $400.

Thursday & Tuesday nights on either side of the Kerrclipse festival are $50/night.

All reserved RV sites offer an optional $40 Tow Vehicle Permit that allows ONE vehicle to park INSIDE your site provided it FITS WITHIN THE LINES OF YOUR SITE. Tow vehicles cannot block the roadway and will be subject to towing at the owner's expense if not properly parked.  


Please email or call the festival office at (830) 257-3600 for more information or to make a reservation.

We currently have RV sites available in both the Main & Meadow RV areas. (as of 3-5-24, it's true!)  To make a reservation, call the KFFF Office and press 2 to talk to Cheyanne. (It's a busy time of year, so you'll probably have to leave a message -mention the length of your RV- and she'll return your call as soon as possible.)

RV Rentals & Delivery

American Dream Vacations is a full service RV rental agency specializing in renting and selling recreational vehicles of all types and sizes. Their closest location is approximately 10 miles NW of San Antonio, Texas on IH 10 West (about 1hr. away) and they provide delivery and setup services to any reserved RV site at Quiet Valley Ranch. 

American Dream Vacations

RV Rental Pricing Sheet

If you are interested in renting an RV or trailer, but don't have a reserved RV site, you are welcome to pick up your rental at their location in Boerne, TX and you will need a Campground Parking/Sleeper Vehicle Permit to park it the Quiet Valley Ranch campground for Kerrclipse, in addition to Kerrclipse Music Festival tickets. Please be aware that there are a very limited number of 30A plug-ins available on a first-come, first serve basis, so just in case, please be prepared to use a 110V plug-in. (Please do not rent a giant RV thinking it will magically fit into a crowded campground.) If you don't reserve an RV space for Kerrclipse, please limit any RV rentals to 25' max, arrive as early as possible, bring an adapter for 30A>110V sockets, and never try to run an air conditioner on the 110V.  


If you are interested in having an RV delivered to a reserved RV site prior to your arrival at Kerrclipse, first make reservations with the KFF Fdn. Office (830) 257-3600 for one of the 91 RV sites available for Kerrclipse. (The length of the reserved RV site will determine what length RV can rent.)  Then reach out to American Dream Vacations (830)981-8835 about RV rentals to find a good rig for your RV site. 

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ADV renting fun by the foot (4).png
Food & Beverags


Campers bring anything from the bare minimum to elaborate cooking gear. You are welcome to provide your own food beverages in the campground.


Everyday a variety of food and beverages will be available from  the food trucks in the Threadgill Theater area.  The centralized Kerrtry Store will serve tea, coffee, sodas and beer. Kennedy Outdoor Theater will have a variety of food and beverage options and will be open all day Saturday and Sunday. 

To reduce waste, no disposable cups are provided. You may bring your own cup or purchase a souvenir cup from the Kerrtry Store or one of our Merchandise Booths.

NO bottles, cans or ice chests are allowed in theater areas during the performances (please support us and our vendors!) They are permitted in the campgrounds. Limited ice is available for purchase in the campground at the Kerrtry Store.

food booths at nite.jpg

On Brand Photography



​Campfires should be within fire rings, bbq grills or outdoor type fireplaces. LARGE BONFIRES ARE NOT ALLOWED!

Fires are not allowed during periods of excessive drought or when Kerr County has issued a Precinct 1 or county-wide burn ban. During a burn ban, only charcoal fires in bbq grills are allowed.

Gathering firewood on the property is not permitted.  A limited amount of firewood is available near the main campground showers. If you think you need a lot of wood, please bring your own. Do not burn fires under trees, branches or next to wooden structures. Fires MUST be attended at all times and must be completely extinguished before retiring for the night or leaving the campsite. Please share fires when possible, it's more fun that way anyway.

As an extra safety precaution, the KFF Foundation supplies red water buckets and burlap to bring to your campfire area. These are located just outside the main campground showers. When a burn ban is not in effect, please collect a red bucket, fill it with water and soak the burlap in an area near your campfire. Should a spark land outside the fire ring, use the wet burlap to snuff it out.

If you need to find out about a burn ban before arriving at the ranch, please follow this link (Quiet Valley Ranch is in precinct 1) or call the office at 830-257-3600.

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