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Niki Leeman and Friends Last Circle of H

KFF Zoom Campfires

Host Camp Biographies

(in no particular order, learn about our family!)


Camp NashBill

The camp location has always been in the same area (since 1998) near the Jack Hardy bridge in an area called "upper meadow", but very near "Sudden Creek" and the treeline that denotes the "lower meadow". With my name being Bill Nash and one of the nearest camps being Camp Nashville, it became easy for me to come up with the name Camp NashBill. People would come to my circles and say "is this Camp Nashville?", and I would say, "No, Camp Nashville is right over there, a few sites away... go over there and play your best song. Then after you are done trying to be a star, come back over here and play your worst song... that's the one I want to hear!" Invariably, they would be back not too much later. No agenda drives who comes to play at Camp NashBill circle. If a songwriter walks up to the circle and there is an open chair, I point to them, and then the chair… everyone’s welcome!

Camp Stupid

Camp Stupid grew out of a Houston group in 1991, who wanted to get away to where we could stay up late, party, and where everyone was welcome in our song circle. We moved out into the meadow which, at the time, was considered a stupid place to camp for lack of shelter.
We built our own starting with an expanding series of tarps, then a mash tent, then a 30x40 tent with full bar and kitchen. Our T-shirts read "I'm going back to camp, stupid. What we have here is failure to punctuate".
Now that we're older, and have lost so many of our original camp mates, we, the survivors categorically deny most things people remember happening there.

Camp Honky Tonk Campfire

 Founded in 2012, Camp Honky Tonk is a medley of magnificent misfits that manifests a medley of mild mischief and mishaps.  The “camp” more closely resembles the archetypal disfunctional family.  Headed by the “Heady” Kritter aka Papi and the “Homie” Beaver aka Mama, Camp Honky Tonk promises to be a spectacle in some fashion each and every year.  Trucklyfe to it’s fullest; BEWARE Wooks and Puffs alike!  Camp Honky Tonk, DAMN RIGHHHHTT

Camp Toto Grande Campfire

Tonight’s Todo Grande Campfire is hosted by Willie B and Molli MCMills.  Willie has been a KFF “Todo Grande” camper since 2003.  “Todo Grande” Started in 1975 by the Fowler Brothers Band and known as Fowler Brothers Camp for many many years. Over the years we have had many song circles ...   small and intimate to large and loud. All fun and memorable. We continue making lifetime memories every year with friends, music, meals and  laughter.  Please stop by,  say hi and play us a song when we can be together again.  In the mean time, when the KFF campfires are all out out, Molli and Willie B host a regular Saturday Night Sing-Circle at 7:30.  Come join them and share a song any Saturday until we can all meet face to face at Kerrville.

Niki Leeman & Friends Last Circle of Hell

I first came to Kerrville in '92 and started and hosted Camp California for four years. Camp California morphed into Camp Singkerrnicity which I also hosted for some years. 2009 to 2014 I co hosted at Camp Stupid, and the last 5 years I hosted the circle at Camp Jews Don't Camp. I have also been playing many other circles over the years and am putting together this circle to have a live feed with some of my gifted friends. Think of it as a circle that has sprung up spontaneously on the ranch somewhere with some of the best from all the song circles. I'll call it Niki Leeman and Friends Last Circle of Hell.